Michael McDermott


Undeleted displays data recovered from 14 phones on 80 phones, with each phone on the wall playing a unique, looping video. Each video was made from the content of a single phone with some phones having enough content to produce many videos and others only making one or two. The content also varied depending on the phone so the videos are a mix of photographs, text messages, search histories, locations, cookies, contacts, web histories, form entries, Facebook messages, actual videos from the phone, and more. The content is also a mix of deleted data and data that was still intact on the phone. Photos that had recognizable faces in them, photos and videos with explicit content, and photos with identifying information (images of checks, ids, passports, and tax forms) were curated out. All the phones were purchased from eBay.

Follow the project on instagram @undeleted.works or on the web undeleted.works

  • Design
  • Digital
  • Exhibition
  • Video